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Business Card ideas


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That1dude, simple is not always bad.  I like to follow the KISS method whenever possible.  

Nice cards everybody.

Here is mine: 


I guess you can't keep it any simpler than that! :D


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Ironic day to see this come up, as I've been working on my own business card. I'm looking at something as simple as that1dude. I'm looking at going with founder & director titles instead of owner because I need to use the business to build my resume for my day job also. One of my locations asked for a card when I placed the machine and I didn't have them yet, so I've felt pushed to get them out. I figure I can change the card any time, and I'm printing them off publisher at home (so I'm only making about 10 cards at a time).

There are some very nice cards here though, and I will have to review it for ideas for things I could do. My printer isn't sharp enough to do any of the beautiful pictures I've seen on here though. I'd need to look at using vistaprint to do something like that.

Thanks for the great ideas!

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