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Are these machine prices fair?

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Ive made some calls. Can you tell me about one companies prices on these machines. If they are fair or not. They said they could possible do a bit better as well. 


These are all REFURBISHED machines.


Snack machines:


1) Crane 474 Combo Machine $2,200

2) USI Side by Side Combo      $2,500

3) AP 111 Snack Machine        $1,250


Soda Machine:


1) Dixie Narco 368 Can only: $999 (Single Price only)

2) Dixie Narco 720 Bottle or Can machine: $2,000

3) Vendo 511 Bottle/Drink machine:           $1,499 (Multi-price)



All come with 60 day warranty. Delivery and training.

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Stay away from the 474 and the USI

No parts for the reefer deck on the 474 so eventually you will be pulling the box and reefer and turning it into a 147


The 111 is a good machine but i would try to work the price a little, parts are plentiful. Almost every snack I own is a 110 series


I would run away from the single price Dixie's, many of the motors and switches are being obsoleted by Dixie, just last week the sold out switches were made obsolete

I can fix them and other old timers can fix them with single switches but you probably can't. Even though i can I still would not buy them.


Try to buy the same equipment to keep your cost down, I am 95 percent AP110 series machines and Dixie 501 with SllD Boards.


Pick something and stick with it


Just my humble 2 cents

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If the 111 is A-1 refurb,  I would try and get as close to 1000 as possible.


$1200 is fair if it is a good rehab though, it takes a bit of work to do a good rehab.


I believe one of the problems with what most of us would pay, and what a new guy needs to pay, is that most of us can do the rehab ourselves for cheap.


I wouldn't pay more than $300 for a snack machine because as long as the bones are good I don't care. I can fix it. The only time I have paid full price is when I need a machine on location and I don't have one.


So until you have that skill you will have to pay for someone elses labor.

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Look at these websites for fair comparisons;

If you're on the west coast even order- but you will pay for shipping. A fair shipping rate is right around $200- 250 per machine I've found. But with this you have to have the setup to maneuver the machines once they arrive. I guess my point is when you buy local and they'll deliver too, it adds value to the price you're paying per machine.



The pop machine prices seem high. Unless that 511 includes delivery and training. I'd still wouldn't pay more then $1250 for all of that included, unless it's in Mint condition.

Always ask for serial numbers too.

Scott brings up an excellent point. Us newbies don't have the means or skill yet to rebuild the machines. So we pay more and for someone else's labor. The ROI is always there on good locations. I'm on 10+ machines now and I've found a good formula and have some relationships built with a couple distributors because I try to buy in multiples and/or used the same guy.

The last go around he wanted $1395 for a Dixie 501e- prob the fav pop machine of everyone. I got him down to $995. Then I needed a narrow Bev machine, so got a Dixie 276e- he wanted $1295. I got him down to $900. Those prices included shipping too so knock off another $200 for actual machine price.


Both 100% sales floor ready. No work involved for us newbs. Well yet that is...

I guess if I'm making a point- Google the shiznit out of vending machines, search eBay daily, and find your local guys to negotiate with. You'll know how much something should cost then.


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