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chris harris

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I have never used them, but be careful with these "no money down" locators. You still have to pay 100% up front before you ever see the list and place a location. I used one of those before and most of the locations were slams and legitimate permission was not really granted. Many will get "permission" to place a small donation box on the counter to help a charity, but the location is not expecting a coin operated vending machine. If you use them, I would do just 1 location at first, then 2 or 3 each time after that. Post your results here.

Also, this may sound a bit off the wall, but beware of all locators from these three states:

Ohio (especially Cleveland)

Texas (especially Dallas)

Florida (especially Tampa)

For some strange reason the scam artists seem to gravitate to those states. I would use extreme caution AND do your due-dilligence AND only do very small orders from any locator based in those 3 states. I base this on 9 years of dealing with locators.

For all of you good locators, the positive review section is waiting for you! Offer some specials to the members and they will post appropriately.


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new2this wrote:

Hi Johnny,

Jayne is great. She was the first locator I ever used. Fast and reliable.


Thats good to hear T. I am going to give her a try when I get back from vacation.

T.......when she finds you a location, do they set up the day and time for you to deliver the machine also?

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I assume you mean Midwest when you say Marjorie...FYI, she only guarentees $15/mo.

Congrats Kevin! Check the "Currently Running Contest" section for info on how to claim your prize.

It's a good one this time! ;)



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I bought 3 locations from Jayne.  The first one was placed with no problem.  I was turned away attempting to place a machine at the next 2 locations she had ' secured ' for me.  Its so aggravating getting turned away.  They look at you like you have 10 heads saying no one called about anything.

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Jayne is hot stuff boy.  She wrote me and sternly said to me that I was only to see the one person she mentioned blah blah blah.  And thats why they refused the machine.   I told her thats what I did!

The person I saw must have lied to me and said he was the person I asked for.  And then she replied in a very soft spoken way.................lol.

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