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Chang the price on a DN501E Multi


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I am having a problem changing the price on a Dixie Narco 501E multiprice. This model doesn't have the blue switch. It has the white switch that pulls out and pushes in. After I pull the switch out, I press selection buttons one and two together. When I do this . I'm supposed to get a menu on the small screen, but I get nothing. Am I doing this right? If not please help.

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The 501E should have a control board on it somewhere. Probably either an SII or SIID, I believe the MPC board was before the 501E. If you look at the serial number tag the model number should give you the type of board (ie: 501E SII). Unfortunately you need to determine the type of board in order to access the programming and make the proper steps. If you get this info(type of board) we can help you pinpoint the proper sequence for you.

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