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usi 3053 issue

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Hey guys, I have a usi 3053 that has been completely trouble free for 3 years. 2 weeks ago I got a call that it had stopped taking bills. When I arrived the LED was on (coinco 24 mdb unit) but the validator wouldnt even attempt to pull a bill in, so I replaced it with another coinco and all was well. Last week I got another call saying that the machine now won't accept any money at all, so I went back and the machine had some misc display that I didn't recognize, but when i hit the service button it said error 3 which was no communication of coin mech, so I replaced the coin mech and still nothing, I then unplugged the validator and still nothing, I then unplugged the coin mech and of course no change. I checked all the cables and they all appear in good condition. I unplugged all of them 2-3 times to see if maybe that would help with any connection issue in on the harness plugs, but nothing. One other issue that i noticed was that they keypad was unresponsive, I think all these problems are related starting all the way back at the validator, and I have the feeling that its a board issue, but wanted to see what you guys think?

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