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Coinco vs Coinco?

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So the validator on left is on a USI 3129. Validator on the right is on a USI 3185.

First question- can I use the new Coinco BP4SX on the USI 3129? Will it work- It does have MDB harnesses.

Second question- is the new Coinco BP4SX complete? It doesn't have the second deck attachment on the right side where the indicator light typically is. Is it missing that? With the machines power on I can't find its indicator light anywhere. Thanks!



Coin mech on the 3185. Would like to swap to the 3129 if it's compatible.

My goal is to upgrade the bill Validator and coin mech in the 3185 as it will be a high volume account. Like it to take $1 and $5 with $1 coin slot. Hopefully this makes sense. And the current and newer bill validator and coin mech place in to the 3129.


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