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time of the year?


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I don't know if it is just me but this time every year since I have started this business I seem to loose locations. In the past 2 weeks I have lost a total of 6 locations and to make it worse 2 of them were some of my best ones. Is there anybody else that sees this type of thing happen this time of year and what dose anybody do to help stop such an issue from happening?

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I haven't ever noticed a time of the year being worse for losing accounts except for last year when I had several businesses close the doors in one region at year's end. Other than that, I have just had months where I would lose several then smooth sailing. Probably its just the ups and downs of business you're feeling.

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January 1 is a very common date that a lot of failing businesses shut down for ease of tax filing, among other issues.

I myself have pulled/lost 10-15 stops in the last month because they are either closed, for sale, or were showing classic signs of failing ($1 in a double for 3 months) or just not performing, not working out.

There isn't a whole lot that you can do to avoid this, you will always experience turnover on your routes, and a bigger chunk of it will happen at the end of or beginning of a year, along with the customary revenue drops in many spots because of the holidays. 

I am now going to make it a standard practice to pull non-performing stops, from what I saw over the weekend, I saved myself from losing at least 3-4 more machines by yanking them when I did as opposed to having the business close and have to track down machines.  I took the machines from the bad spots and upgraded a bunch of good spots, changing singles to doubles, adding a second double, securing rack placements. 

Losing locations sometimes will bite, you will lose $50-100 spots but you have to keep moving forward and get new locations, and upgrade other good spots to offset losses and get ahead.

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