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What are the correct portionings for today's society


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I see many of us struggling on how we can increase our profits and decrease our expenses. I am analyzing my route to determine how i can reduce portioning amounts and still keep the same amount of customers. What do you all think are the correct vending amount for loose candy meaning reeses, skittles, plain mm ect...?

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that is an intresting question.

imo uturn has the best system with 10 differant settings to increase/decrease portions.

my 1800s and triple plays would be trickier to just slightly lower portions imo.

for bigger candy I think 1-2 less pieces per vend is fair and for smaller 3-4 pieces.

I have my commission accounts on the low end of the recomendtions found here and no commission on the same or high end of the recomended ppv.

I am leaving mine unchanged because of this.

I am also going to tell my accounts that I am changeing the structure of the commissions given to them and will take out my expenses first and give commission solely on the profit and explain to them why hopeing I dont get booted.another lesson learned here.

this will also help me not have to diminish portions.

even if candy has went up gas has plummeted.

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