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Newbie Help identifying mechanisms and manuals

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My brother in law recently bought a warehouse and in the office was an old vending machine (completely full of snacks expiring in 2007).

I've lugged it home in hope of resurrecting it and adding it to my man cave. I'm a techie by trade so not entirely daft but never played with vending so hence the 'newbie' tag.

I've picked the lock and rekeyed it (to be fair my neighbour the locksmith did it for a couple of beers. Yesterday I took a few photos of the mechanisms within the machine.

The coin mechanism is a Mars MS1000. It is interfaced to some sort of mainboard that I am yet to identify (would love some help on that). Ive managed to get into the service mode and test all the mechanisms work and vend but it shows the message "insert exact change" and when entering service mode is displays "error 3" followed by "error 4".

Any assistance to identify the main board and point me towards a manual would be most appreciated.







Melbourne, Australia







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The 'insert exact change only' message is probably caused by insufficient coins in the mech, or the machine being powered down so long that the main board no longer remembers that there are coins in the mech. Easiest fix is to 'buy' a few items with coins until the mech is full (if it is already full empty it first by pressing the buttons on the coin mech (each button should dispense from a different tube) or use the dispense coins menu). Note that you need to have the machine think it has around 10 of each coin stacked. I would guess you actually have 20c, 10c, and 5c tubes, rather than the 25/10/5 shown in the destructions.


Having that instruction set say 25c means it is probably a US machine, but not one I recognise. Do you have any details on the machine? If not post some photos and there are a couple of people here who seem to be able to pick a machine from an image. There is probably a manufacturers  plate in the machine - usually on LHS inside, but sometimes on outside rear.

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Based off of the programming on the sticker, I am assuming it's a polyvend snack machine.  There should be a model number either on the inside upper-left (usually) of the cabinet or on the back of the cabinet.  Regardless, it doesn't look like a common PV6632 or PV6640 so I am going to assume it's one of their lesser-common models.  If it is a polyvend, you'll have a hard time finding parts and even a manual.  You'd do us all well to include a picture of the front of the machine.  My money is on a polyvend though.

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