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Great forum! New guy in N. Carolina. Hello to all.

Honda man

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Hi, my name is Ernie. I'm a  motorcycle mechanic from central N.C. I got interested in vending after spotting a book on bulk vending  at the library a couple of months ago. I still love working on bikes (been fixing peoples toys about 25 years now) but bulk vending appears to be an enjoyable way to make a living, so maybe a new career is on the horizon???

Almost went with the Uturn 8 selection machine but various people advised me not to get it due to cost, difficulty of finding location for such a large machine, etc. I've been watching Craigslist and  found 14 Vendesign 4 selection  carousel machines. 12 are new in the box and 2 are very slightly used. Also came with 1 unit for parts, 5 extra coin tubes, marketing materials, and some candy labels. The price seemed right, $1,550 for all, so I picked them up this morning. Hopefully I didn't make too bad of a choice.

Great forum!! I like the fact that evreryone shares their experience so freely. I'll keep you posted on how things develop. Thanks for all the excellent information!

Any advice on which charity to associate with? I've been checking out Child Search and National Children's Cancer Society.



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    Welcome to Vendiscuss and congratulations on your first purchase! Those look like some good machines, lets hope you find some good locations for them! NCCS seems like a good one as far as everything I've seen on them. Look around here as there is a ton of information here. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask!

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Welcome to the family. You might want to see what others are using in your area so you don't overlap their charity. Sometime you can get better results with a local charity as they see the money stay local. I use the local Humane Society as an example. There is a reporting topic to put what your average location income is in the Vending Revenue Reports section. This is updated every month so please go there and click your range of income when you start collecting. It is anonymous and the more that fill it out the better averages we have to look at.

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