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ap113 with vendors exchange board

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You cannot remove the battery


to get rid of the password


Press and hold the programming or mode button


do not let go of it till you get done with the next steps


once it is in programming type the following numbers in


3141  "K" (k is enter) 

5926 "K"

5358 "K"


doesn't matter what the screen says while you do it


let go of mode button


hit the right arrow key, "C" is right,  until it says "PASSWORD" with a number after it ( 3 times)


Hit the 10 key till it says "PASSWORD 0"


Hit enter "K"


The screen will say confirm "no" change it to "yes" with the "A" key


Then hit enter "K"


it will say password or access code, hold the door swich for a couple seconds and let go of it


Once it is back to operating mode go ahead and hold the mode button for 5 seconds and see if it will go back into programming


If you did everything right it will be ready to go

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