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Drink Placement In DN Bev Max 5591?

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I just purchased my first glassfront machine.

I would like to know where can I put the different size drinks in this machine.

Another words which rows can I put these drinks in?

12oz cans?

16.9oz coke bottles?

20oz bottles?

I did order different shims for the different size drinks including a 12oz redbull kit.


I have heard different opinions on this but would like to know if anyone knows the real answer to this?

I prefer to sell cans over bottles so the more rows of cans I can do the better.


By the way can I put a credit card reader on this machine?

I have an older eport but it's 2g.

USA Tech said this c.c reader will only work if I get a t-mobile/verizon sim swap for it since the current ATT 2G sim in it doesn't work anymore (ATT disabled this service so now only 4G works)


Any help is appreciate it.

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While the top row fits cans best you should try to keep your cans on the lower shelves so lessen the shaking of the cans when they fall.  You could do cans top to bottom if you want because the machine recovery unit is designed to break the fall of any product but you should put a sign on the machine to warn people that the products should not be opened immediately.  Your taller products can be in any but the top shelf, unless they will be a slow seller where the top shelf might be the best location as you can't fit many tall items into any one selection on that shelf. 


The machine has to be MDB-ready, of course, to do the card reader.  I don't know anything about swapping sim cards in those older eports.  I didn't know you could do that so it must be internal.

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Yes the drop sensors work and it has both the bottom and top ones which is good.


I will do the bottom 3 rows for cans.

The 2nd top row I can do 16oz bottles as well as those 12oz glass frappuccino coffee drinks.

The very top shelf I can put in water and glass snapple but maybe like 4 or 5 per each selection

Will this plan work?


Some of these drinks I have never sold.

How much would you guys charge for these drinks?

This is going into a hotel with 0 commision..

I am currently selling cans for $1.


12oz Frappuccino drinks?

Snapple drinks?

16.9oz coke?

12oz Redbull?


Funny you mentioned I have to send the card reader to USA tech because they never mentioned this to me when I talked to them.

I thought they would simply send me the sim card and I can just swap it in the credit card reader.


Thanks for the tips.


I am excited about my 1st glassfront.

I was doing close to a $100/week just from drinks from a RS 800 combo machine.

Before any one asks why I have that crappy machine in there I bought it cheap from another guy.

With all the foot traffic in the hotel I am really hoping I will do way more.

It's in the lobby too so everyone can see it's there.

Canteen has a drink and snack as well in a small laundry room in a not so obvious place.

Maybe down the road I can kick them out of there.

They are over charging prices, don't refund the money, and don't go there as often as me.

I am in there like 2xweek even 3x/week sometimes haha.

I do 800/month total just from 1 crappy combo.

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As I recall the instructions said no carbonated products on the top 3 shelves.


But maybe this is the type of location that likes cold showers and do you like paying cleaning bills? ;D




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I'm surprised to hear that Canteen has machines hidden in the laundry for employees but you have a single machine out for public use, and at no commission.  This is very unusual but good for you.  You should easily be able to kick Canteen out with your better service.  I wouldn't wait too long before asking for all the business.

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I appreciate all the comments and advice.

Yeah I took over this account recently like 2 months ago.

I am wondering if I should make a proposal for the manager this week with all my prices, what products will be in there e.t.c or if I should just simply tell her I'm going to bring in much better machines for you guys this July 11th.

Of course I would like to kick Canteen out of there but I want to be careful too how I go about this since I have never done this before and it's my best account so far.

If I got access to their laundry room I would love to put in an arcade Pacman and another arcade machine in there.


Also do you guys think it's risky to put in a glassfront in a hotel location in the main lobby?

I know the service desk people can see customers buying stuff from my machine but it's still a hotel and is open 24 7.

I just hope the glass on the 5591 doesn't break or anything as I have heard this piece alone costs around $600.

I guess I will just have to take my chances.

The guy before me said his combo machine (which I now have in the main lobby) was vandalized like 2 years ago but because of that the hotel said he doesn't have to pay a 10% commission anymore.


Sorry this was off topic but I am planning on putting these machines in this Monday so I just wanted some your guys' opinion as to what I should do.


O 1 last question I have is I am waiting for the shims to come in but should I put these in the machine before I move it into the hotel?

Or do I need to put them in the machine once I take it to the hotel?  

Does it even matter?

I prefer for the machine to be location ready though before I take it there.

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AZ I tried to send you a pm but it didn't let me.

Maybe cause were not friends on here haha.

I don't know how this all works but I was trying to get a few things from you.

Wanted to know about the price labels and I needed more can shims for this machine if you have any.

If you can send me a pm that might work.

How much are your price labels and can shims?

Surprised to see their can shims are only $1.08 from the distributor for brand new.

Where as the bottle shims are each at least $3.


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