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Why do we shop at Sams Club?

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I was in Sams Club today ordering/picking up some products for my route. I decided while I was waiting for them to find my lost order, I decided to go back and look at the price hikes! What a shock. Peanut M&M and Regular M&M, $9.14 a bag (Marked up 4 dollars). Cashews $12.89 a tin (Marked up 5 dollars). Reece's Pieces $7.45 a bag (Marked up 2 dollars).

Now, sure I understand that. They can not help the suppliers pricing. But what came next sent me into a rage in the middle of a sams club isle. NO GUMBALLS in the bulk vending section. Oh, but in its place: GUMBALL MACHINES. Yes folks, they had a huge pallet of "Start Up Kits" which include a box of 850 gum, a machine, and a stand. Conveniently priced at $169. On the box? Why it says something to the affect of: "Own your own gumball machines in your own business, and make extra income". "Empty just one globe of free product, and it pays for itself". Blah, Blah, Blah.

So now they are not only jacking up prices, selling unusable gum, and shrinking bag size, but they are trying to sell businesses their own machines and hinting them to boot us out! I am just to my limit with them. I called concord to order direct today, but they did not answer.

Sorry, I am off my box now.




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Kyle, I understand why you feel this way.  I myself am not very pleased with Sam's prices and inconsistent product supply, however, they are still less expensive than anywhere else.  Was it a Seaga machine they were selling?

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Select Vend. Big, round globe.


Kyle, let the businesses buy those pieces of garbage and let them try to fix it when it breaks down. Then maybe Sam's will wise up and see the light of day.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting the boot because some money grubbing business owner wants to make a few bucks a month. The machine won't last 6 months and you'll be right back in there.

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I agree with bacho.  A lot of those types of owners are part of the 1% of the crowd who think they will make $200 a month on a small gumball machine in their shop and they think that we vendors are getting rich so they get their own machine. 

More likely the spot was making $10-15 a month and if those types are really like that, its not worth doing business with them anyways.  Many times once they realize what the numbers are they will not bother to fill them after that first case of gum is gone.

I had this happen where the owner at a hoagie place bought the Vendmax I had there off of me for $150 plus $10 for a fill of gum... I am going to go back there and see if he ever filled it.  The spot did about $25-30 a month, but he thought it was doing $100 and thought I was ripping him off, then wanted 50% commission, so I just sold the machine and got out of there.

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