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Looking for Locating advice


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Hello all,

  I have been searching the site for some tips on what to look for in locations.  I originally was just going to go with a locator but think I will be missing out on some of the education process.  So where is a good place to look for what site attributes to focus on and what a sales pitch might look for.  I am leaning toward charity sponsorship if that makes a difference.

  Also, are the gift certificate incentives still working well?



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The locations vary. I have one with 5 workers in a body shop that does $25-$30 a month for a triple. I also have a grocery store breakroom with 50 workers that is doing $6 a month that will be relocated. Traffic in and out is always a good thing but if you can get a few hooked on what you offer then it can really pay off like my body shop. SOme only carry a few type of candy but others carry a wide variety. You will have to decide that. I prefer to ask if they have any favorites before I pick what I will put in the machine. When you get to Member Plus status you will have access to a lot of tools to help along the way. In there are sales pitch letters, all manner of Ebooks, revenue reports, etc. Decide if you want to go local or national charity. Look at what machines are placed in your area to see who they use so you can be different. Also note what they have in the machines to clue you in on possible local favorites. Filling out your profile more will also help us give more direct advice.

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