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how do i change .50 to .75

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Changinjg the price will depend on the series of the 368. If it is a single price (what type of coin mech is in it) or electronic (MPC, SII or SIID board). If you can tell us that we can easily explain how to change your price.

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Sounds like a single price machine. If it was multiprice it would have a digital display. If it is a single price it is easy to change. On the top left and right hand corners will be levers that will allow you to drop the top portion on the changer down. Behind this you should see a bank of switches. The switches are as follows :







If you add up the numbers for the switches that are on you will get your vend price.

ie: switches 1,2,3 and 4 on = 75 cents (.05+.10+.20+.40=.75)

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