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Vending Competition in Hawaii


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I am starting my own vending machine company here in Honolulu, Hawaii but I only could find vending machine on Costco and Sams Club. No used machines on island as well.

The local vending companies here partnered up with AMS, Crane Merchandising, and Dixie Narco all have their own full service vending machines and I would be direct compeition to them.


Should I buy directly from the local vending broker or would they not want my business due to competition?


Another option is going with the Costco Selectivend Commander Machine but they don’t have anyone to service the machine on island. Not sure what would happen if it broke down.





Also my first machine will be in a 350+ unit luxury condo going up next year. It’s in a good loading area thats watched by security. DO you think this would be profitable? I have a connection with the resident manager



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You should use Dixie Narco, Vendo, AMS, or Crane machines.  If you have a local machine distributor then you and anyone else can buy from them.  There are no rules to keep you out of the business so you can get any accounts you want and put whatever machines there that you wish. 

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