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Rowe 548 cold food vendor - "set zero position" won't clear


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The only trick I can think of is to close up the machine, unplug it for 10 seconds, then plug back in. The first thing it should do is try to find zero position. If the turret is not turning, that is your first problem.

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With the main door closed and only the coin mech door open use the NEXT key to scroll down to Diagnostics and press SET.  Now press ENTER to scroll to Set Zero Position.  Press Set to enter and then the up or down arrow to change the display to YES.  Now press Set (I think) and rotate your turret with the external rotate buttons until the display changes, indicating that it found it's zero position.

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First thing to try is


1 Turn off the machine for 15 seconds.

2 Turn on machine.

3 Close the main door of the machine.

4 Close the small door.

5 The display should read “turn to Zero Position”

6 Use the arrow key on the outside panel to turn the drum. Too the zero position You can see the 1 inch square magnet on top of the drum. Home is when the magnet is left of the glass and right of the vend doors.


If the switch works the display will change.


If not post again and we will test the switch.




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