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I looked at my average and came up with a place check it out


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i currently have 48 bulk locations and 3 soda machine locations.

I was looking at my 10 lowest sales which were











I think its time these 10 locations be replaced those numbers are for 30 days of sales one month.

I was thinking about having a locator replace them all is it work it im thinking yes because with a good locator i can bring all 10 locations up to 20.00 each bringing in 200.00  vrs 30.00 a month

What do you think.,

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Here is an idea I will be doing soon.

Contact a High School central to your route. I'll use the band as an example since they are usually the most under funded. Meet with the director and let them know you want to donate to their program. Have the kids go out and ask for locations for you. Give them a scripted 3x5 card and pictures/ or a website. All they have to do is get permission for you to contact the owner to place the machine. You of course will operate it and service it. 10% goes to their program! They don't have to do anything but ask. No selling magazine subscriptions, bake sales, car washes, raffle tickets ect. Plus that income will be residual to the program. Lets say you give them 25 to place. If they only do $10/month then they get $25/month times 12 $300/year every year. Of course they may get better than a $10 average and you could give them more machines to place. They will love the "free" money and you'll love the "free" locating service!!!!

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Im already on your turf. Ive got 15 locations up there already from springfield il to st louis off of 55 is my route. lol but ill try not to put the same product.


I have none of the interstate.my 2 locations are inside the city.midwest is finding me more locations there tho.

I have 1 triple that needs to be dropped of in a pet care place.

I am more into racks though and u seem to do more candy?

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yeah im not getting into the racks yet ive been doing bulk and now getting into soda machines. Dont get me wrong i like my bulk but its always best to have more than one source of income. So i look at bulk and one and soda machines as another type of revenue. How do you think Donald Trumph got rich? By doing more than one business

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well hopefully if things work out im going to do a locator for 20 locations.

10 of my worst or lowest locations

and 10 new locations.

Im thinking this is the best method because if i  get 20 more locations and just add them to the mix of locations the route avg will be lower than if i replace the 10 lowest with located locations and the other 10 with new locations of backstock machines that arent on route.

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I was actually just talking with my two high schoolers about this same thing.  I am a little concerned about any legalities.  Anyone had any issues or experience with working with local charities or high schools.



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I would keep the best 3  and try to increase the sales to $8 per month.  Servie the machines every 8 to 10 weeks.  Add a cheap used machine to each location and experiment with different candies and gums. 

The bottom 7 are pretty bad.  If you've honestly tried everything you can do to increase sales, yes, I would move them to other locations.

Do you know of any good locators???  I would like to know.  PM if you know of any that can do a good job in Texas....



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