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Genesis Combo


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I just got my first new Genesis Combo off of Ebay and it doesn't have a book -- Model ESV 15988.  Can anyone tell me how to set the prices?  I would love to get this thing in my location while I wait for the book.



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     Michael, I can't seem to find anything for that machine.  I did find a person on Ebay selling the machine you have (hopefully it's not the one you purchased), but you can ask them if they have a manual, or where to get one.  Here is the link to their auction: 

Click HERE to view auction!

     Also, if you don't have any luck there, try contacting Genesis directly.  I'm sure they would be able to send you a manual.  http://www.genesismanufacturing.com/

Good luck!

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i have a similar combo machine to your genesis. if it helps,here is what you do:

pull out the door where the bill validator is located.you should see an electronic board

with a white/blue/green/yellow button.press on the button for 3 seconds until u here a "bip".than look at the outside led screen and press the arrow button (up or down)this would scroll through all option for setting the machine including price.

once u get to yhe price change selection press arrow up or down until u get to the price u want.

hope this helps.


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