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Redbull machine problem


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I have a Redbull machine. I charge $2.75 per can. The problem is when you try to put three 1 dollar bills in the validator it takes the first two and rejects the third one, if you put two 1 dollar bills in the bill validator and then add three quarters it will work and dispense a can of Redbull. Why is my validator rejecting the third bill ? The hotel I have this at put an "out of order sign" on the front of the machine. I really dont want this machine, but It came with a route. The only reason it is there is because it fills a space that would look awkward if it were empty.

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Depending on the age and type of machine you have it sounds like it could be a logic issue. A lot of the older machines had difficulty with high vend prices and change payout. What I would first suggest trying is to make 5-10 vends just using coins (mostly but all quarters) and then seeing if that works. A couple of questions for you:

Does it stack the second bill once it is inserted or does it keep it in escrow?

Does the machine take a $5 bill?

If you set the machine to $3.00 will it take 3 bills?

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