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Need some help with NW60's and super 80's....


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Northwestern sells upgrade kits for both the 60 and 80 mechs. The 80 mech has a very clever modular design and it can be converted to accept 2, 3 or 4 quarters. Call them for a quote and instructions. It may also be a good idea to simply get a few extra mechs to act as replacements in the future. The kits may save you about $10 per mech though. However, nothing is cheap any more!


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If it were .01, .05, or .10 mechs to a .25 mech, then you can do it.  The .50 mech and up require a whole new assembly.

I have about 50 mechs, half of them Oak, that all I needed was the plate and gear for .25 conversion.  One call to my friendly Oak rep, and I got the mechs from ebay and the conversions from Oak for about $12 per mech plus elbow grease!  Not bad for a ton of mechs.  I set aside the NWs (only a couple) that I will do the same thing with down the line.

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Is everybody going to 50 cent mechs???   Is this something I should look out for?? The price of candy driving the 25 cent mech to gumballs only?



a few people were or have I am not sure,but with the econmy getting rougher everyday I am not sure I would raise prices unless u had too.

the markets recieved more bad news yesterday

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