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Single heads and stands, how can you work without the stand?


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I had thought when I found locations I'd be able to put it on a table there, but after going out locating yesterday for about 30 minutes I had one location and it wanted the stand. Clearly one stand for four machines may not have been the correct ratio. I'm looking to go out locating single head machines today, and trying not to dread the question of if I have a stand.

I'm considering buying a couple more stands--though I might go locating first and see what I hear offering that I can "be back next week with a stand" to add to the machine.

Anyone have good ideas for securing locations w/o a stand.

This size operation seems to be struggling with economies of scale as I try to secure locations and handle the purchase of candy. I tried filling the machines first, but that can be hit or miss on the selections (I can't even use stereotype locations -- like gumballs for kids, because I have no clue what location I will get. I walk door to door carrying my machine).

Some good news along the way. The super 60s look studly. If I can get the three in my living room placed this week--and I can, I will be in good shape for more expansion. I'm trying to mix used machines for easier ROI, and some new super 60s from sams for my long term high quality fleet. Since the containers on the super 60s are huge, I'll want to get them into my high volume, and safe, locations. Over the summer I want to try making a rack out of them.... (with super 80s doing toys on top of course)

Back on topic -- what are good ways to land a location for a single head w/o a stand?

I have two gumball singles, and one skittles. Also, when locating singles with bulk candy, how full would your super 60 be? I figured no more than half, but my skittles machine is around 25-30%. (Had one 54 oz bag from sams)

:dude: (This is my brave face, locating makes me scared)

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I only have maybe 5%-8% of my locations without stands. Typically, parts counters are good places to try this. I would generally suggest at least having 75% of your machines with stands for flexibility as some people really don't like the idea of putting a machine in the way on a counter. on the other hand, I would rather have this location in a business as any other because people are pretty much forced to look at your product offerings.

While locating though, I like to always have the flexibility to go in with a machine on a stand. It is bad to lose a good account simply because you can't provide a stand with the machine.



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I would say you need to get some stands. I don't see hardly any counter mounted machines here. Someone may know of a better price but I thnk you can get a stand for $25. I would bring a picture of the machine rather then lug it in and out of every location but you parking situation may be different. At the very least I would carry it empty with they cany in a backpack like the kids use for school. That is what I use to service my machines with.

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I know when I started, stands were the bane of my existance. It costs $14.50 for a stand from Amerivend, but it also costs $12.50 to ship it!  So the bare minimum I can get a single pipestand is $27.  I tried many cheaper alternatives.  Buying the pipe at Lowes, but that still left the base to worry about.  I found you can get 25lb weights at Acadamy sports for about $15 or so, but to add the pipe to that, you are still paying over $20.

Im struggling with this myself.  I want to get into racks, but the smallest rack I can buy is $55 plus shipping.  I'm also considering making my own wooden racks.  I'm hoping they will be much more inexpensive than buying racks and paying to ship them.

But really, if you are going to be in this business, you are gonna have to pay to get the stuff you need.  And you need a stand for your machines.  I know that when I was doing only gumballs, it would cost me about $80 to get a new machine, stand and gum, all with shipping.  I knew I could get a new machine whenever I had that extra $80.

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I'll plan on ordering stands for the other machines then. If I get an opportunity to save a stand and get a good location I'll do it, it seems I was not prepared for the necessity of stands though.

On my trip I hit about 0/10, though we never got the point of discussing stands or commission. About 7/10 were "the decision maker can't be reached". Ironically several businesses were closed in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Before heading home to warm up and do some work online, I decided to make one last stop at a pizza shop. I checked out the machines there when I went in, and asked what I'd need to do to join them. They asked me to come back at 2pm to discuss it.

All in all it was good practice, but I was saddened to not get one placed. I'm also still waiting on a coin mech to arrive that I paid for on the 13th. Good advice though, and it will help me refine my strategies to reduce the work.

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