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Based in Brisbane, Australia  my wife and i started in bulk vending just under 6 months ago and we currently have sited 125 uturns both 4 and 8 select  machines, 21 mayoni mini pinball  machines  and a quantity of tri heads as well, Our growth has largely been acheived through the purchasing of other smaller operators .

As we are consistently growing the business any spare cash taken out of the business is currently being reinvested purchasing and siting new machines. We have sited some machines ourselves and used the services of a locating service as well.

Here we find that generally the return per machine is not great and a large quantity is required to make the business into a fulltime one. At this stage we are trying to find out what numbers are required to make this business into a fulltime one.

I look foward to obtaining advise from some of you seasoned  bulk operators in this forum.






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The mayoni mini pinballs are californian, made in the good old usa, check their website mayoni.com.

I have bought all my mini pinballs through buying out smaller operators, in fact im in the process of buying out another operator with 4 sportsblasters and 3 mini pinballs which will take my total to 22 mini pinballs and 4 sportsblasters.

I also have tried out some of the cheaper chinese mini pinballs which is very cheap in comparison to the us made ones and seem to work just fine, they vend 27mm balls.

The us made mini pinballs i vend either 2 inch toy capsules or 35mm balls.

Im surprised i havent read much on this forum to date regarding these pinballs, i wonder why?.

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