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chris harris

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Hotel - 40$, tripple head

Salon - 30$, tripple head

Hotel - 40$, tripple head

Tanning salon -did not check

Beauty shop- 50$

MED service - 10$

Restaurant - did not check

 medservice- 10$

Auto shop - 10$

Pizza place - 30$

Tattoo shop 50$

Tattoo shop- 30$

Tire shop - 8$

Auction yard - 14$

Office building - 10$

Cleaners - 10$

Security company - 8$

Alumni center - 50$

Office Building - 8$





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Also, I lost one hotel because their corporate office did not want it in their lobbies . So, now when I go to hotels  I ask if I can place the machine in their employee breakroom, that is where I have my machine located in the Residence Inn and it consistantly make me 40 a month.

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