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stumbled into a great deal


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today i walked into a local grocery store that is closing.  So they are selling existing stock of food, candy, cards and various sundry items very cheap.  Picked up PMMs MMs and RPs for 80 cents for a 14 oz bag and 90 cents for a 1 pound bag of RP.  That should get the cog down real nice for the next few weeks. 

i was so excited buying all of the bags i could carry i was late for a 1 o'clock meeting.  oh well they got over it and i got a great deal.  Just had to share before i go write my final paper to receive my masters this may.  But first things first had to share with the vendiscuss community. 

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yes on the 46 buzz bites.

Yes i love a great deal. what is nice is that i have the vends opened up more than probably is prudent, but with these prices i can afford it. Each bag at 80 cents will return around 25 vends. meaning each bag is worth 6.25 to me. Not a bad return.

On an even better note I am half way finished with my last paper as well. it has been a good day. saturday i turn in the paper and monday i refill machines.

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