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second guessing myself...advice appreciated.....


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I have a nice video game store that I've had a double gumball/skittles in for 3 months. Its averaging a little over 28/month. I have gotten the go ahead to upgrade it however I see fit. Is a 5 head with 2 2" one 1" toys........1 gb and 1 skittle  too much?  I'm not sure of the foot traffic but 28/month is 112 vends per month. Not sure of the foot traffic.

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Yes, go for it. Protect your turf from competition. Play with it till you get all your heads producing good enough.

In a store like that, I try to appeal to the kids as well as the teens with the toy mixes. You may also try two types of gumballs to increase your margins.



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Yea I would say to them let's try this small rack set up to see how it goes for a few month. You can always switch it back out if it does not work. Maybe try those I-Sweaters at http://www.ceistickers.com/products.php?CategoryID=52. I think that may do good there. I don't have them but it seems more of a teen product for MP3 players or cell phones.

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