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7 snack machines


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i found a woman with 7 snack machines(3 on location). all are newer and look real clean. the 2 newest ones are grossing $1000 ea a month (so she says). she want out she says... they belonged to he exhusband (she got them on the divorce) i think she is selling them out of spite. im going to meet with her satuday to see what she wants for all of them.

wish me luck!!!

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To verify sale. 1) look at the meter reading and compare this with sales, this does not work every time but if they say sales are $1000 month  (which by the way is good for one snack machine) and the account is 36 months old you would expect to see at the least 36K in sales.

Look at best before dates. old product = low sales

Yes make sure they own the equipment. I have had route drivers try to sell me thier employers accounts. I have had accounts that are closing been offered to me. machines that are owned by coke/pepsi be offered as an "asset" and so on.

Take your time do a bit of work. Don'nt be a pain in the golpher though, you may lose out on a good account.

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