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A toast to our host's


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I would like to propose a toast.

I think these people did a wonderful job on this site.VENDiscuss brings together vendors from all over the globe young and old.

Here we learn from each other many tricks of the trade. I have been here a very short time but I have gained a multitude of information to help my new venture grow.

I personally want to thank the staff for doing what you do please keep up the Great work. I also want to thank you for letting me join such a wonderful forum.

If you are reading this thread please leave a toast to let them know that we care about what they are doing for us.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. So in closing CUDO's to you all.

Your student


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What can I say to the VENDIscuss team?

Thank you very much!!!

Over these weeks I´ve been learning about the vending business with the experiences of the community, you interesting articles,  and the e-books of the library.

Continue working hard because many of us have found in this site a way of learnig and enrich our own vending experiences.

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