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Good and Plenty sticking together


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum and hope I'm not asking a stupid question here.  Tried the search but couldn't find an answer so here goes.  Purchased alot of candy to get started and some was Good and Plenty.  It seemed fine at the store but not long after when getting ready to use they had become like bricks!  Hated to hit the bag hard enough to break them apart as I was afraid of knocking the coating off but ended up really slamming them to get the job done.  Eventually got them into the cannisters but the next morning the same problem had already started again.  What is the best way to solve this problem?  Thanks for your help.



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Nam, first of all welcome to Vendiscuss!  You can introduce yourself here:  http://www.vendiscuss.com/forums/view_forum.php?id=2

No question is a stupid question.  This is a very common problem with Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales and Good and Plentys.  What you can do is buy the "PAM" spray for cooking (unflavored) and spary a little bit on a spoon.  Then just mix up the good n' plentys.  This will seem trivial, but prevents them from sticking.  When I say spray a little bit of PAM on the spoon, I mean a very little bit (I short spray) and it will get the job done for one 5lb bag.  Good luck!

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