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New to bulk vending


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Hello everyone,

I just found your forum and have been learning alot from reading all your posts.  I've been placing ATM's and arcade games for a couple small companies.  Would like to have purchased my own ATM's but my pockets weren't deep enough.  lol   Actually, filling a candy machine seems much safer than loading an ATM with cash after dark in the wrong neighborhood.  I've purchased a variety of used machines at great prices and stayed away from buying new.   Look forward to getting my feet wet and maybe you guys can prevent me from drowning.  It is a huge advantage to learn from someone that has already been there and done that.  I worked really hard everyday for a week and couldn't place a single ATM machine.  Then I talked with someone else in the business that gave me some helpful advice and couldn't get enough machines to install after that.  Hopefully I will have the same help and success here except this time it will be my own business rather than building a business for someone else.   Thank you in advance for all I've already learned and will continue to learn in your forum.






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Thanks. ATM's would be like placing a bulk candy machine or an arcade game. Often you're pulling machines from an acct. that didn't get the volume and placing it again and again until you get the volume needed to keep it located. There's a big investment in the ATM machine itself as well as the cash inside which requires a pretty decent volume or you have to pull it. The good locations almost always have an ATM and under 3 to 5 yr contracts that the location rarely can cancel. This meant constantly looking for new locations that you hope might get the volume. My best guess would be between 110 - 130 accts.. depending on how you count.

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