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Had a few problems with ants recently, usually we place vicks liberally around the top of the stand, only problem is if you forget to do on a regular basis it dries and the ants are on their way again, darn pest lol.

What do you guys in the us do?:huh:??:huh:.


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When I first started, I had many ant problems. I was a bit depressed that a stupid bug could actually destroy my business.

Another vendor told me to always use Simple Green when servicing since (he claimed) it has a natural ant repellent. I can not prove this, but my ant problems did diminish after that. I also put carpet tape on the top of each pole. If ants persist, the I add Vaseline to the top of the pole as well.

I have not found any ant protection product that lasts forever. So you need to periodically check and replace it. Sometimes I get lax and forget to change the tape and then I pay the price on the next visit.  

Another thing to consider is to vend products that bugs don't like - such as toys and gumballs.


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