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Getting back at it !!


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I am back

I cut my route back to 8-10 machines after my schedule changed at my job about 8 months ago so I sold off 30 on location as a route made a little money.

As luck would have it I just got laid off from my job. (we made parts for the automotive industry) and we all know whats happening there.

Anyway, thinking this is a prime opportunity to jump into this full time. Since then it seems like I see barely full vendstars popping up everywhere, A tell tail sign someone is just starting out, so I know there is a bit more competition in my area.

Got a good deal on 22 doubles that will get me going so that will add to the 10 triples I have now but that's far from full time. That's the scary part

? thoughts or ideas would be appreciated

Thanks again everyone


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