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Coin mech doesn't fit


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This is a mech that on the front looks identical. However the wheel on the back is larger, and results in the candy or gumball wheel being turned too far with each quarter, leading to misvends.

It's not worth the cost of new coin mechs from seaga to get these machines working, and it would probably be more worth while to take what I do have and put it on ebay. I can't afford to pay 30$ for new mechs for used machines.

Does anyone have some coin mechs for millenia they would be willing to part with at a reasonable price? Or is there a way to get this to work? Any experience breaking apart machines and selling the pieces on ebay.

The delivery of the piece was vastly late, the customer service was awful (ignoring all inquiries), and now I'm dealing with the mech not fitting. (They never promised it would fit a millenia, but all the pictures looked identical. All were from the front)

Thanks for some guidance. I really wanted to get these machines working because one of my locations wants to be upgraded to a double. I don't want to put two new super 60s in there because they said they've had a problem with theft -- and they want mike and ikes which could gum up the mechanisms. (I have a whole box full of spares for the seagas)

Sometimes I feel like this forum is my teacher and I'm trying to work my way through a difficult course. I have however learned many lessons about buying used.

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