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MartinNOLA Vending Report


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Well, I made my first FULL month pull last week and here are the results.  I have mixed feelings about some locations.  Here's the top and bottom 7:

Fire Station                                     $47.00

Animal Shelter                               $40.00

Plumbing Supply                           $33.50

Vetrinary Clinic                               $32.50

Old Navy breakroom                    $27.75

Grocery store Breakroom            $26.00

Retirement Home                         $25.50

Daiquiri Place                                $3.75

Flooring Place breakroom          $3.25

Cafe on Bike Path                         $3.00

Parish Streets Dept                      $2.75

Industrial Co.                                 $2.75

Printing Co breakroom                $2.00

Automation Co. Lobby                 $1.75

Overall my average is about $14.00 / location.  I'm going to watch some of the lowest locations but I can't really justify pulling any until I get the other 10 machines out of my garage.

Top selling candy (in order):  M&M Peanut, Mike&Ike, Skittles, Hot Tamales

I think the Daiquiri Place can do alot better if I switch the candy (PMM,MI,HT) out for some Frostbite Tabs and something else or maybe a DI machine.



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