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First locations

Honda man

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It's not official, since I haven't actually put the machines in  place yet, but I have my first two locations.  One is a small graphic design place and the only question he had was if it would cost him anything. When I said no , he just showed me where he wanted it and requested that I put in the "little square gum".  The other is my insurance agent, who has a 4 person office.

 Whew!!! I'm relieved and excited! Maybe I can do this after all:D

My next challenge will be to find a couple of single head machines for these locations. It looks like I'll be picking up a used A&A with a stand , in good shape and another A&A that has been disassembled (supposedly all there), all for $40.

Should I go with singles or doubles? What kind of product? The insurance agent is a 4 person office, 1 man, 3 women. The graphic design place is a 1 man shop, and probably not real busy. Thanks.


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congrats on the locations. it is a blast to get a yes from a business owner. pmms always do well. mms are okay, but why not ask them what they want and make sure you place what they will like. If you ask you can assure they have the right things. I would never put boston baked beans, but one location requested them. ask and you will do much better.

good luck and i hope they are awesome locations. just remember to not be too stingy with they candy or gum. It is a little better in my opinion to give a little more and have people pounding a machine than people not being happy with what you give and only snacking occasionally.

congrats again on the new locations and good luck in finding even better ones in the future.

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When there are that few people, it's good to ask.

After having experience with four locations, I'm realizing to really nail it I need to get bigger locations. We'll see how my pizza ranch does. I wanted to get deeper inside, but instead I am vending gumballs right next to a wizard gumball machine >->.

Epic fail. I'm actually having quite a struggle with getting gumballs to move. My biggest advice to you with two locations would be to not buy much product. One 40-54 oz bag is more than enough for each location right now.

Congrats on getting started.

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The "little square gum" of course is the chickle tabs that you can get at sams.  Sadly it only comes in a case and not a small bag like PMM's.

Lurtsman: You may want to get a 2-for-1 wheel for your gumballs.   Depending on your machine-type, you can take out the little riser that looks like pacman and that may help you to vend more than 1 gumball per vend.  It may not be consistantly 2 gumballs each vend, but who knows? 

I had a spot where I placed a Links 2for1 wheel, and I had also take out the pacman riser.  It ended up vending 4 GB's instead of 2.  Of course I also am using 1080c gum instead of 850c gum in my 2for1's so the GB's are slightly smaller which may have helped allow it to vend so many.

If you have Oak Vistas or NW's, you can go to Links to buy the wheels for ~$5 each.


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