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Is this a good deal?


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Looks like a super 60. Figure out what you'd do for the replacement lock also. If you can get the lock for less than 5$, imo it's not bad. It's not a steal, but it won't hurt. That looks like an old NW super 60 machine to me. I have some of their new ones and I absolutely love them. NW is a great manufacturer, the only downside is their price. A new NWsuper60 will run about 70$ off sam's club--if you live somewhere with a small sales tax, otherwise 65$ ish.

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Well that is why you ask questions, it is all in the details. There is a lot to learn about vending and you can't absorb it all at once. I still have questions about other areas that I am not into yet so I ask when I need an answer from someone who knows that area.

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