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I don't know how we started thinking about it but today, my business partner remembered our "Special Order" from about 2 years ago.  Wondering if any of ya'll have ever had a "Special Order"?


We do 80-90% of food product purchases from our local Sam's.  We try to keep our eyes on all the prices of what we buy.  To notice if something is on sale, if something has gone up, or if there's some type of error.  Everyone once in a while some of our items are on sale, limit 5 or 10, sometimes there's not a limit.  Most times the "sale" comes out to be anywhere from 5-10 cents cheaper than what the item normally is.  We obviously try and take advantage of this when it happens, as do all of you I'm sure.  

Well about 2 years ago, we are cruising down the chocolate and candy isle, and one of us notices that the MM-peanuts price doesn't look normal.  At our Sam's, it tells you in fine print what the cost is per item, so normally the MM-peanuts are .55-.61 cents.  The chocolate and candy very rarely go on sale.  Well I look up at the fine print and it says .37 cents a pop.  I look at business partner as we do a double take.  Knowing that it has to be an error that will be corrected up at the register, we just get our normal week's quota of 5ish boxes.  Well we check out and sure enough, it goes through for the price of .37 cents a piece.  I proceed to take the cart to the truck to load up and my partner and I agree that we are going to buy every box they have.

15 minutes later, we have a huge cart with just shy of $1,500 worth of discounted MM-peanuts trying to check out.  The cashier lady is full of puzzled looks like we are up to no good.  We try to play it cool but she obviously knows something is up.  Just before she is about to leave to check with her manager to make sure everything is kosher, she looks at us and asks, "Is this a "Special Order"?  I look at my business partner.  He looks back at me.  We look back at the cashier lady.  Then in unison, we say "Yep, It's a Special Order".  She says "Ohhhhhh,  OK", and then proceeds to check us out.  We proceed to the parking lot dying laughing about our killer "Special Order".  

As the days went on, we knew we had bought way too much and might have to worry about stales big time, but in the same breath realized, we need to buy more and just try to push MM-peanuts like crazy over the next months.  We went back each day for the next week.  Finally about 3-4 days later, they restocked the shelves, but by then, someone I guess had figured out the pricing error and it was back up to .60-ish cents.  

Anyways, it gave us a good laugh today looking back at that.  Any of ya'll ever had a "Special Order"?

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