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NW super 80


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I'm thinking about adding some of these to my set. I currently only have the seaga millenias and the super 60s. After handling a few machines made by northwestern I am quite a fan of their construction. It's all been top notch.

Anyone have reviews for the super 80? (I know several people on here run them. They seem ideal for doing two inch capsules)

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Now that I have some super 80s out on location, I wanted to give an update. I could not be more pleased with this machine. Servicing is a breeze, the construction is solid, and it looks fantastic. Having the additional cab space available on the back allows me to fit an entire crate (250) of 2 inch capsules in there which reduces the need to refill as frequently. The only downside is how expensive it is to purchase these new. I could hardly have afforded them if I had not received a PM from Nam about someone selling brand new super 80s.

These machines are a great addition to a Toy rack, and they are very visible. I feel mine set at 75 cents helps establish a better price point for when they look at my 25 cent machines on the bottom.

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I agree in that the NW80 is a very fine machine for vending 2 inch products. I really like the ease of service and gathering up the coins in that nice coin tray. A real reliable work horse to say the least. Rarely mis-vends and have never had a coin mech jam.

However, I am not real happy with 2 inch vending overall and will get right to the point. IMO, I would rather focus on sticker/tattoo flat vending than 2 inch vending. I personally feel like I wasted a lot of time on 2 inch vending and wish I had got into flat vending sooner.

Now I am not saying to not do some 2 inch vending! But limit your 2 inch offerings to just a few select/proven products and maybe only offer a single 2 inch offering on the rack. Put all sticker/tattoo machines on the rack next to that NW80.

I have seen substantial revenue gains by replacing the 2 inch machine with a sticker machine on the same rack. The margins are usually much better on tats than 2 inch as well.  Just my opinion and others may disagree - but that is my focus right now.

I went a bit overboard with 2 inch NFL stuff a few years ago (I guess because I just love the game of football) and have paid for those excesses! But this year, having the NFL helmets next to NFL stickers should make for a dynamite combination this fall. Is it September yet??


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I agree with Jax that the margins on the whole are better with flat vending, but there is a nice amount of money to be made on 2" vending.

NFL products are expensive and are really only good sellers for me right before to about halfway through football season, and they died after that.

Jax is correct, stick to the basic 2" sellers as much as possible.  (Dentures, a Toy Mix are less than .15 each, sometimes the mix can be had for .10 or less)  I also use Family Guy Bobbleheads and they are blowing out.  Unfortunately these products get discontinued at a higher rate so that is another reason to keep it basic whenever possible.  Flat vending is similar with a different series of products coming out periodically but is not as pronounced as with 2" caps (i.e. UTC 8, 9, and 10 tattoos all look rather similar and sell consistent for me, even when mixed).

But back to the point, NW80s have been great machines for me, second only to the Northern Beaver in style quality.

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I also have to agree with Jax on this. NW80's are very nice machine but don't caught up in 2" cap vending. Look in to flat vending it will be best thing you can ever do for your business!

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