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Dixie narco 145-5 jones plug wiring

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On 1/22/2017 at 8:32 PM, Randy malick said:

Do you  have a picture of the wires   this thing is a rats nest.   I have got a idea from another member i am going to try.  Also i need to find the coin mech this one is toast. 



On 1/23/2017 at 2:55 PM, AZVendor said:

Pull the black socket off the door and you'll see position numbers on it.  Follow the diagram to put the correct wires into the correct numbered slots in the socket.


I just bought the same machine.  A 145-5 Dixie Narco with a 9300s series changer.  coins drop straight through.  when you first plug in the machine the LED on coinco Accepter comes on then shuts off.  thought it was the acceptor.  So I bought another one.  Same thing.  Jones plug is plugged in and the connections below it are all connected accept two wires with wire nut on it have no idea where they go or what I need to do to fix machine so it will vend

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Does anyone know the connector manufacture and series of the white nylon wiring harness connectors depicted in the photo above?  The service manual indicates they are "Amp Loc", but I can't find them.  I do know TE now owns Amp and checked their catalog.

One of the female contacts in the door 12 position connector was flattened out and why the "sold out" indicators were not functioning.  I reformed it, but it doesn't have much tension and it has been fatigued.  I'm sure it will act up again.

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Nice avatar. Do you own it? You just need to keep looking through various supplier web pages for the exact pin you need, or canibalize a harness from a junk machine. I don't have any machines to junk any longer or I would have that pin/connector for you. Someone else on here will surely soon junk one of theirs.

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Yes, I do own the Daytona in the avatar.  It was a boyhood dream come true--twice!


I serviced electronics for over 40 years.  You'd think in that time span, I would have seen every connector type there was!  Nope,

I'm going to speculate it has been discontinued.  I have a scrapped control panel from another Dixie-Narco model just a few years newer and it has different connectors.  If it acts up again, I'll just pull those wires from the shell, install new contacts from a different series, and insert them into single circuit shells.  The problem is, it took me near 20 years to get around to repairing it this time.  I may not live long enough to get around to it the second time!


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Don't I wish, but no Hemis.   They were only 60 or thereabouts, of the 503?, built with Hemis.  Both of mine are 440s.  The red one has a six pack, but it is not original.  The Daytonas pre-dated the release of the six pack.   The six pack was in place when I acquired it and the original 4 barrel components were not in the seller's possession.  I still have my high school car, a '70 Charger R/T w/440-6pack, so I'm well versed on six packs.  I had to correct the  throttle/kickdown linkage on the Daytona six pack, but other than that, it was correct.

I also have the Ford counterpart, a '69 Torino Talladega.  It is awaiting restoration.  I also have a '69 Coronet R/T that is awaiting restoration.  I'm not sure if I'll live long enough to get that one done.  It is a real rust ball.   The only reason I'm considering doing so is because it is highly optioned and pretty much complete.  PS, PB, disc brakes, A/C, SE trim, power windows, AM 8-track, etc.

We're moving from this tax happy, deep blue, state to a red state in a year or so.  Once that is behind me, I hope to start on the restorations full time

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