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New location (kfc)


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I like the cashless ATM next to it.  You don't see many of them on the East coast.  We just started selling the cashless ATMs (smaller counter top models). 

Nice set-up.  I've been thinking about approaching the KFC in my town.


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I saw this same set up for the first time yesterday in a Churchs Chicken. It has the same lower wooden cabinet with a 4 column sticker/tattoo machine and the three machines as above bolted to the sticker machine and not the cabinet. Had a Tomy Gacha set there with it so probably the same vendor. Nice looking setup!


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You were gonna let us know how you attach your machines on to one another.  Also, are your modules for sale?  You site doesn't list prices.

I saw an ad in craigslist for my area where a guy was selling a large setup that looked alot like your modules but painted black with speckles.  Could those be your modules?

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the black machiens from craiig list are a line that i made for about 6 years and it is very good qulity and if you can buy it t a good price it is a work horse. if you need  my feed back e mail me a link to the craigs list and i will be happy to help you.

the counsels fit togeter with 1/4 bolts.

im working on a price list for this modular oak  line and will have it to you when ready.

sorry i did not get back with you sooner



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