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help please


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I just got a bunch of combo machines very reasonable from a person who got out of vending some time ago. the issue that i am having is finding the small metal peices that are cut out to different sizes for quarters and dimes. i need about 10 more for quarters but i can not find them online anywhere. if there is anybody that has anything that sounds like what i have described please let me know, or even if you know where i might find such a thing.


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i wish i knew, it isn't one that you typically see as a combo such as snack/soda time, choice vend.... it is back about the size of a snack/soda time machines that can break into two pieces which are snack and soda. the pieces i am looking for are about the size of a half dollar with a cut out the size of a half quarter, they are aluminum with 2 holes on each side for the screws to go through. let me know if a picture would help.

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Where are you located? If you are in So Cal. contact vend world (they are in rancho cucamonga) they sell a whole bunch of parts. Vendingworld.com is there web-site. If you're not in the area, see if they will ship you the parts.

Good Luck!

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