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Greetings from Mexico

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:)Hello everybody, it´s a pleasure to be part of this comunity. I´m form México and I´m new in the vending business. By the moment I only have 8 Northwestern machines in the town I live. I hope lo learn of you and of all these forums. I will appreciate your advices and suggestions about vending.



Note: I´m practicing my english too, so excuse my misspellings.

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Hello and welcome to vendiscuss! I am very interested in how your doing? What made you go into vending? I am from the mid-atlantic region of the US.....what part of mexico are you in? Don't worry about your english, I promise its better than my spanish! Am looking forward to hearing about your growth and developement in your new business pursuit. Kai

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Hello Kai.

Thanks for your welcome!

My name is Abdón, I´m 25 years old, and as I said, I´m from Mexico. By the moment I only have 8 bulk vending machines: 1 H5 of the northwestern (with 2 S80 and 3 S60), and 3 S60. I have two locations in the northeast of Mexico. I live in a state named San Luis Potosí. Until now I´m going slow, but I´ve learner a lot. Now I know how is the vending business here in Mexico, I now the companies and the most common machines in the market. For me my best option are the Northwestern. But I´ll appreciate your suggestions and points of view.

Thanks again, and be sure that I will be looking forward your coments and messages.


San Luis Potosí


Note: The name of my little business is "Vending del altiplano"

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