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Coin tube sensor


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I have a few Genesis Combo machines and was wondering if I can lower the sensors in the coin tubes.  I service the machines once a week but still find the exact change light on most of the time.  When I check the coin tubes, they are still half full.  I refill them and everything works fine.

The vast majority of what I vend is in $.25 intervals so the quarters empty out pretty quickly.  Any suggestions?  Is there a way to lower the sensor?

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I don't know exactly what type of changer is in the Genesis machines but I will assume it is either a Coinco or Mars unit. These changers have fixed low level sensors that cannot be adjusted. However, these sensors are pretty low in the tube and at the most would probably require only 10 coins to cover. If the machine is reading "exact change" and the tubes are half full I would guess that your machine is trying to keep the change count over the changer.

If this is the case the first thing we need to check is if there is a "ADD CHANGE" function in the programming of the machine? If so you will need to use this. Remember when you manually add change to a changer and the machine is trying to change count it does not know that there has been change added unless there is a way to tell it.

If there is no "ADD CHANGE" function we can try to teach the machine and hopefully get it to a good starting point that it will be able to keep better track. Unfortunately this will take a bit longer. What you will need to do is to make vends out of the machine so it sees that it has change. The best way to do this is to set a price in the machine to $5.00 if possible. Now empty the changer out and start making vends of that column using change only until the coins go into the cash box when making a purchase. Once this happens we can assume that the machine and the changer are communicating and will have a starting point for your coin tube levels.

Most of the newer equipment can keep track of coins when the tube sensors are blocked an unblocked and calculating from there. But sometime we just need to nudge them in the beginning to get a base reading.

Good luck

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Unfortunately, the Genesis machines have a non-branded coin mech. I think it is something they manufacture themselves.  I don't know how the CoinCo or Mars units work, but his appears to be more mechanical than electronic.  When the tubes fill, the coins just slip past the full tubes to the cash box.  There is no add change function in the programming.  What I normally do if the 'exact change only' light comes on is fill the tube or tubes that are empty and enter/exit service mode.  Last time I went out the light wasn't on but the coin mech still wouldn't take coins (bills worked fine, but no change).  I unplugged the machine and plugged it back in and everything reset and is now working.

Honestly, Genesis has been pretty decent in their tech assistance but it seems the design of this 2-3 year old machine seems to be lacking.  I guess you get what you pay for.

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