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Hello All,

I have been lurking for several months and have recently purchased a few bulk machines.

Goal: Extra income - Not expecting to quit the day job as I currently make good income with job security/pension...


1. Triple: (China Cheapo) purchased prior to discovering this forum. 

2. Double: Round Beaver Black (used) - 1 gumball and 1 candy

3. Single: Round Beaver Red (new) - Gumball only

The Beaver Machines in terms of quality are 100% better....then the China Cheapo.


1. Chiropractic Clinic - Triple will be in place on the 16th.

2. Hopefully - Pizza Shop or Gyro Place (Will be asking once I get my stands) Double Beaver

3. Hopefully - Barber Shop or Tattoo Shop Single Beaver

Coming Soon: 

Will be purchasing a used Northwestern rack (3 -60's and 2-larger 2" toy machines) if I can broker a good deal from a guy on craigslist and another new Red Beaver.

All in all I will be just testing the waters and looking to purchase more machines (Beavers, Northwestern) if these work out and maybe add 1" toys / Bouncy Balls.

Here is a question:

If I have a commission location how should I calculate the %.

Example: Single Head Gumballs

Vend: 1@$.25 Product Cost: $.02 Profit: .$.23

1. Total in machine = $100.00..would I give them 10% or 20% of $100.00. = $10.00 Commission


2. Total in machine = $100.00...would i give them 10% or 20% of $92.00 = $9.20 Commission

Seems like it is pretty negligible ....on gumballs but candy has a higher cost. 





Beaver #1.jpg

Beaver #3 Red.jpg


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Generally commission is based on gross sales (before cost, so 10% of $100 = $10.) Its easy to get ur moneys worth from gumballs, even with 30% commission. But for the candy its harder, cost of goods (or COG as youll see it abbreviated on here) is much higher. Think about partnering with a local cause, like humane society or ronald mcdonald house, to offer charity locations @ 10% or so. Thats what i do. Racks are usually commission, single/double/triples usually charity, but there are exceptions. U may even have places u get in without paying either way.

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