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Stocking and servicing machines


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Your best bet would be to contact IVMOA, the Independent Vending Machine Operators Association ( I am a member. They represent independent vending machine operators and could hook you up on operators in each state except maybe Tassie. Their members recently bought out a well-known national snack vending business. Apart from Coke Vending, I don't think they are any national companies. There are plenty of websites that state they operate nationally, but are really just fronts for importers looking to sell machines with sites provided.

Provender ( is another company that has national contracts with local service providers. For example, they have the contract on the major big box hardware store and then rent out machines to local operators. (Disclosure: I have one of their machines in said hardware store).

My advice though would be to contact IVMOA and deal with vending operators directly. If you deal with an IVMOA member, you can be confident that they follow a code of ethics and have adequate insurance cover, while having more flexibility (and probably lower cost structures) than a national company.


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