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Colibri LX- makes espresso w/ cold water


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I have an older Colibri LX (8 gram brew group), but actually with low # of vends. The boiler stopped heating (heating element LED on PC board not lighting). It still brews an espresso, but with cold water. I am surprised that it does not give an failure code. My first experience of this. Looking at the boiler, the red reset button on top of the thermostat is 'not' up.

- Thermostat: both sides 120 V

-Temperature Probe: both sides 3.2 V

- Heating Element: both sides 120 V

Initially I did see a slight amount of water (a drop or so) had seeped from the center of the heating probe on the side of the boiler. Over the years, I have replaced heating elements (I'm pretty sure that throws a failure code), but never a temperature probe on a Colibri (or had a bad thermostat for that matter).

Anyone familiar with the Colibri and this cold water w/ no failure code and what might cause this?

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Thanks for the support. The probe actually installs from the outside I believe, so I do not need to separate the boiler halves.

I have rebuilt a lot of Saeco DA7p, Colibri and HLF boiler, so I know the drill. Do you use silicon grease on the boiler seal? I believe Loni at Vendor's excahnge recommended that, but HLF tech does not do this. Pros & cons?


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