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CB700 Not Vending Drinks Right


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My locations says that when they try to get a can drink it doesn't give them the drink even.

They say sometimes they have to reach their hand under to get the drink.

I test vended a bunch of drinks and it tested fine.

So I gave it some time and figured maybe its a rare once in a while issue.

However, soon they said that the machine is still doing the same thing.

They say the machine it will not give a drink or sometimes  someone will get 2.

I found this very strange as this machine doesn't even use shims.

I have the machine set for can depth so I have no idea what the problem could be.

How would I know if their is something wrong with the control board or if there's any other issue?

Do any of you guys know what the issue could be?

I have this machine at another location and it never gives me problems as these machines are reliable.

This is the older CB 700 model from around 2003.

Also, should I buy the drinks myself this time instead of test vending to see if it makes a difference in diagnosing the issue.

Any help is appreciated.





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The CB700 uses a drop sensor so having it set for cans just means that it won't complete the full cycle until the second can trips the drop sensor.. at least that's my understanding.

If they have to reach in to get the cans, then there are TWO possibilities here: 1) the can are directly behind the delivery door on the delivery chute somewhere OR 2) the drop sensor is too sensitive/defective.

You need to determine whether the cans are ON the chute and behind the door or if the cans haven't dropped at all.  If the cans haven't dropped at all, then the problem is with the drop sensor.  If the cans HAVE fallen every time then your sensor works fine but something is preventing the cans from sliding through the delivery door.  The most likely thing is probably a gunked-up/dirty delivery chute or the delivery chute is too low and needs to be raised and retightened.  I'm actually not sure if the delivery chute on the cb700 can be adjusted in that way or not though.

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K thanks for the replies at least I have a better idea now as to maybe whats going on.

I will figure out which issue it is and go from there.

I almost forgot these things have drop sensors and I might have to adjust it..

Just wondering, is there anything that can be used on delivery chutes to make their surface more slippery so the drinks go down the chute quicker?  I am guessing even if there is something it might get all over the drinks and customers probably wont like that.

Also is there a difference between test vending and acting like a customer and actually buying the drinks?

I have noticed that buying the items is better and more accurate than test vending.

I noticed this for example in my 501E when I changed between bottles and cans.

Like as if buying a drink made the regular cycle like it should.

I also noticed for example with my AP 7600, it wouldn't even let me test vend some motors as it says motor not working.  When I buy the items though from the same motors, it actually lets me get the snack.



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I couldn't tell you about your issue with the AP 7600.  To be honest, I don't know how to perform a test vend on an AP 7600 lol.  I just make purchases.

As for test vending vs. actual vending.. the operation is the same within the cabinet but not the same with the door closed.  Basically, if you test vend and everything drops perfectly fine, then there's a good chance that your drop sensor is working properly.  If the problem is with the delivery chute or the delivery door for example, you would never see this with the door open.

As for cleaning the delivery chute, you just need to wipe it down and make sure there's no obvious thing that would slow/stop the products from sliding down.. such as sticky syrup.  Just taking warm water and wiping it down usually makes it as good as it needs to be.  Sometimes, depending on various models, if the delivery chute is too LOW (and most of my USI's can be adjusted this way), the can will kind of sit against the delivery door but won't open and slide through.  The obvious way to test THIS is to simply put money in with the door closed and see what happens.  It could save you a lot of time to set certain selections to $0.00 and then perform normal purchases outside (just remember to change prices before you leave!!!).  If the chute is too LOW, then you can simply loosen the screws and raise it up a bit and retighten the screws.  This can possibly be the problem.  

You should also open and close the delivery door to make sure it opens and closes fine with the door closed.  This isn't easy to do but you need to make sure there isn't something odd that's sort of causing the delivery door to bind up and not open properly.  It's doubtful that it's happening but worth looking at.  My money is on your delivery chute being too low and just needs to be raised a little bit.  Your chute might need to be wiped down too.  Just check it with your hand to make sure nothing is sticky and then wipe it clean of any debris.

Once you have tested it with the door closed, you should be able to clearly tell whether it's a mechanical problem (ie. they just aren't sliding through the door for some reason) of it is an electronic problem (drop sensor not working properly).  If the drop sensor is TOO sensitive, the motor will stop even from the motion of the motors turning.  However, it does sound like your sensor is working properly based off of your test vends.

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Keep the chute clean with any simple cleaner and if needed you can spray it with food-grade silicone but if you do the products will shoot out the door so if you don't have the factory can catcher on it you'll have sodas flying across the floor.  Make sure the chute is on the right and left rear supports and that three screws hold it firmly in the front.  Also, make sure the cabinet is level front to back and side to side.

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I want to report my solution/findings so others can benefit in the future on this forum.

Originally I test vended the drinks a while back with the door open and the drinks vended fine.  After reading on here I bought the drinks (free vend) with the door closed.  I made the drinks for free so I didn't have to put money in to test vend drinks.  The drinks were not coming into the outside door catcher half the times and I had to put my hand inside the machine just to get my drink.  This happened just like the customers had said.

So turns out there was syrup on the right side of the drink chute along a line (which is not so obvious). This is also where my popular double column drinks slide down.  The whole  bottom chute  though was sticky which didn't allow the drinks to slide down.  I bought a spray degreaser from dollar tree and I cleaned the chute really well.

The other problem was the chute was too low so that even though if drinks did slide down the chute, they still didn't come out to the catcher so people couldn't get their drink.  I took out the 3 front screws.  1 of the screws though had lost it's tread and luckily the location had a drill/driver which allowed me to get it out.  After taking out the screws, I was able to adjust the chute so I raised it up.  I put a block piece of wood under the chute to keep it raised up.  I locked the 2 screws (since 1 was trouble) back into place and it held up the chute well.  I adjusted the block of wood underneath but I realized that I didn't even need it and to my surprise, the screws actually held up the chute really well.

Thanks again for your guys' help.  You guys are the best and I love this forum.  I think this forum is even greater if people also write about their results and findings and not just fix the issue if you know what I mean. Something I will also start to do for now on.

I just got this location so I want to start of right and the reason why I am so relieved now.  It's a descent warehouse/retail location (sell safety equipment) with 60 employees.  Lots of workers work outside.  During the winter now, the drink machine is doing around $140 which is  not as good as I would have liked.  As it gets hot though (which it's about to), I see it going up to as much as $250 even.  

O and my AP 123 snack machine had a whole row of candy bars not working.  I realized it was because I didn't push in the shelf all the way.  If you don't push the shelf in all the way in a snack machine it won't even vend/work. A lot of the times the shelf seems like it's in all the way when it's really not.

And yes I did change the price back on the drink machine.  No body is getting free drinks haha.  Imagine if Monsters were free., O God.






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