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Is anyone familiar with a company called Vend Purchase Group out of Norcross, GA?  They called offering to help get rebates on supplier purchases as a subsidiary of USG.  Their address also shows up for companies named US Vending Company and Vending Corporation of America.  VCA has a website for their business as a national account manager.  Any info will be appreciated.

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Same company (Vending Group) has called me about the same thing numerous times.  They call me about once a week the last 20-30 weeks.  Voicemail's keep saying it can save me money.  We use Vendor's Supply which they said they could help out with.  Not sure what's in it for them...


Dad always taught me, "If it's too good to be true"....


I don't know though.  Would be interested if other people have dealt with them.

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They are probably trying to get as many vendors under their main name with the idea that they will get credit somehow while the vendors get rebates they might not be getting now.  There are always strings attached with every management company. For them to maximize the rebates they will likely require you to use software that reports your product sales so they know exactly how much of every item you are selling.  They will tell you it's to maximize the rebate you get but it's so they can monitor your sales against what you report - because you have to pay them a commission on your sales.  

Just know that the rebates are always pegged to growth.  The manufacturers will set a baseline for you based on the number of machines or product facings you have.  The first year is usually the best rebate return but then in every year after that they will expect you to increase your purchases.  This ONLY works with growing companies so if you are not growing you will eventually not get rebates.

You can sign up for rebates through your product distributors by yourself if the manufacturers still do that. There are vend product purchasing groups like USG that get you to join their ranks and you'll not necessarily get rebates but you will have lower costs due to the purchasing power of the group.  You generally need to have a lot of machines to make that relationship work because they aren't looking for vendors with just a handful of machines.

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Garrette Van De Grift owns this company.  He also owns a telemarketing company, a taxi business and a Coca Cola Bottling Franchise in Washington Georgia.  He has won awards for his business knowledge and abilities.  You can assume that he is able to tie other vendors purchase power into his and get some good rebates.  Couldn't find any negative reports on him.

Here is his information:

Garrett Van de Grift

Red Wizard Group


Garrett Van de Grift is CEO of Red Wizard Group, which comprises a collection of closely held companies

in the fields of vending, day care, landscaping, trash hauling, real estate, and financial services. In 1997, after four years of finance training at Ford Motor Company and four years of sales and marketing experience at The Coca-Cola Company, Garrett embarked on his entrepreneurial career path, founding the first of several vending management companies. Collectively, Garrett’s vending management companies now manage more Coca-Cola full-service machines than any other Coca-Cola client.

Through other startups and acquisitions, the Red Wizard Group portfolio of companies includes Enterprise Vending Group, GV Holdings, Pine Leaf Management, Sandy Springs Lawn Scapes, SSLS Factoring, The Suzuki School, U.S. Vending, Vending Corporation of America, Vending Management Consultants, and Wastelogix.

An active philanthropist, Garrett has been involved in many Jewish organizations and strongly believes in his responsibility to give generously of his time and resources. Garrett is a past president of the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta.

Garrett received his MBA with a concentration in Economics from the University of Chicago (1993), his JD from the University of Florida (1989), and his BSBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1986).






Garrett Van de Grift.jpg

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On 5/9/2017 at 8:24 AM, Ideal said:

This is a great program.  Quarterly checks come in on time.  I do nothing different when ordering.  A great program; if you have the opportunity, do it!

I am asking again why do you have the same IP as the company?

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