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3rd party vender for Coke/pepsi


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i have been growing faster than i can find machines used and in decent condition. i am considering using machines owned by coke and pepsi. i was just wondering if anybody else has done this in the past and could shed a little light to the positive and negatives to doing this, and anything that i might want to be aware of before going this route...


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3rd party vending in my opinion is a great way to expand your business in a fast and inexpensive way. Some of the pros would be, no hassle transporting the machines because Coke does that for you. Coke also does all the repairs and it supplies to you a machine that is worth upwards of $4000. The cons would be that the product when purchased directly from Coke is a little more expensive then you would be able to find at local wholesalers, you also have to put strictly Coke products in the machine and they have a monthly minimum for the amount of pop you have to purchase from them. When you go to sell your business, 3rd party machine also decrease the value of your route.

There are a few more post about 3rd party vending on this site that will help you a little more.

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