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Just thought i would introduce myself.  I am looking into getting into the bulk vending business as a side job to my full time job.  I have NO INTENTION OF GOING FULL TIME,  i would just like to have a little extra cash flow.

I have about $1000 to invest right now, but that does not mean i am going to do it all at once.  I am still in the planning stages but i am looking to incorporate which i believe is about $350 if i do the legwork myself, but like i said i am still researching.

What i would like to know is how much money is usually required as an outlay for the actual vending product? and what hidden costs do i have to worry about?  I am looking to start small, and expand very slowly. 

I realize my biggest hurdle with a small ammount of machines will be paying off the incorporation costs, but i am ok with that. 

I guess what i would like to know is, what are some mistakes i should definitly avoid.

From what i understand

Buy quality machines, know how much they are worth and don't get ripped off.

Keep your product fresh, and machines clean

Be curtious to buissness owners and staff

Track your costs

Any major DON'Ts that im missing?  I don't plan on investing for a few months untill i totally figure this out.

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Andrew, welcome to Vendiscuss!

Sounds like you are on the right track, and growing slow is the way to go.  The best advice I have is to read as much as you can on the forum.  We have a few other active members from Canada like tedk, grumpy and others.  Also, Craigslist.com is a great way to find machines.  Best of luck to you.

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Welcome to the forum Andrew!

This is the perfect site to find and kink out all the little details that are often skipped over until it is too late.

There are more then plenty of willing hands to dive in and answer any and all answers you may have.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you keep us updated on your journey!


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Hi, My name is Pierrette, been in the vending business for about 6 months, I'm from Sudbury, Ontario, looking for creative ways for balance, commission, keeping track sheets. Need help or idea for placing Plinko machines.:cool:

30 Snack & Pop Machines

50 Honor Boxes

55 Candy Machines

2 Plinko

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Welcome to our group. The best part about this business is you can start out as small as you like and grow how you like. I started with $800 and have probably spent over $1500 by now. So you can usually make your money back quickly if you buy smart and work out the kinks.

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Thanks for the encouragement.

My next step is to figure out what insurance is going to cost per year, and how many machines i am going to need to offset that. 

I hear the average is about 7$ or a little less per decent location.  Does that sound accurate?



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